Chateau Beychevelle / 海軍總司令
We love wine labels because it is the first thing we look when we select a bottle. When you take a wine related class, it is always the first lesson“How to read a wine label”. Some people are attracted by its beautiful design; some people reads wine information; some people are interested in the story behind it. I would say if you can read a wine label, you are an wine expert! 👍👍

Is Beychevelle a English Word? / 龍船的由來

The word “Beychevelle” is derived from the French word “ baisse voile” which means “lower the sails”, it was to pay the deep respect of the chateau owner – Duke of Épernon who was the French Admiral! You can see the chateau’s backyard extends all the way to the river where all the ships used to pass by and lower the sails for the owner.





The Backyard of Chateau Beychevelle


The Chateaux The Chateau is built in 1565

The New Era – Modern Winery / 新挑戰

Now the chateau is co-owned by Suntory Group and Castel Group who shared the management, the chateau is towards to a new era where modern winery is built to attract more guest to visit and stay in the Chateau! The use of this new modern winery is to have better control of the temperature, increase efficiency while maintain its reputation.



The new winery




 A gate to the modern winery




Fermentation takes place in these stainless steel tank


 Ageing takes place in barrel




 2017 Vintage is sleeping


Free stroke in the Vineyard / 清晨的葡萄园

Unlike Chateau Mouton, all the visitors are allowed to walk into the vineyard, we woke up real early to catch some of the workers working on the vine. The summer in Saint-Julien are very hot so people gets up early to finish their day of work. If you do visit after 10am, you would barely see anyone around the chateau or vineyard!
In Saint – Julien, where the soils has more clay soil content, we were told it plants less Cabernet Saugvinon grape compared to Pauillac. But it is this deep complex subsoil which gives Saint-Julien its unique character – deep body and lively blackcurrant! You can see why Merlot graps matures earlier (an approximately one week) than Cabernet Saugvinon grapes in the photos.



 A stroke inside the vineyard




The merlot grape



The Cabernet Saugvinon Grape


The End: Guest Room / 船主的客房

We were grateful to have stayed in the Chateau for 2 nights. The decoration are so grand and it is like living in a palace. Enjoy a brief view of what is inside the chateau!



 The living room




The Japanese style wall paper

As always, we will leave you to explore more about this amazing place. If you have any question regarding the place, please send us a message we are happy to support you.
Bottle Wander / 酒行者